Digitalization creates freedom

For your occupational evolvement within the medical profession

Stress and time pressure are part of everyday life in medical facilities. The waiting rooms are often overcrowded and rigid processes prevent innovative workflows. In order to intervene in this nerve-racking routine, a time relief is necessary. Only in this way can room be created for process optimisation and new freedom in the everyday professional life.

The use of modern technology to support coordination and administrative tasks can make a contribution to this relief. Intelligent algorithms and semi-automated planning processes create freedom for more flexibility and self-determination in everyday work. More and more doctors are recognising these potentials. Almost every third person believes that e-health can improve everyday working life and the quality of life in general. This is the result of a study by Stiftung Gesundheit. Doctors also see great potential with regard to interdisciplinary communication, quality of care and patient safety

Stress relief through intelligent scheduling and workflow planning

But how can these potentials be realized in practice? A major obstacle to efficient processes in medical facilities is often extensive administration and documentation processes. Here, digital solutions can bring relief. This can be achieved, for example, by flexible online appointment arrangements. The medical facility can be reached around the clock by patients and referring physicians, effectively reducing telephone and fax enquiries.

Software-supported planning mechanisms also simplify resource management and ensure efficient utilization. This reduces the workload of medical staff and leaves more time for patient care. Digital networking with referring physicians enables efficient treatment coordination, which also creates more room for core competencies and facilitates the exchange of information.

Highly secure online networking with patients

The central mapping of all appointments, including the rooms, employees and equipment involved, also contributes to interdisciplinary transparency. The automated evaluation of statistics forms the basis for optimal controlling of medical activities. In addition, digitization opens the door to a completely new kind of communication. Contact enquiries and appointments can be made online around the clock - regardless of whether it's within the office hours or not. Communication also becomes more efficient, as long waiting times due to endlessly manned telephone and fax lines are eliminated. New developments in telemedicine, such as the implementation of control and consultation appointments via video conferencing, make it possible for doctors and patients to enjoy unprecedented flexibility.

These developments in the context of the advancing digitalization provide for transparent and flexible processes and offer physicians and practice owners the possibility to actively participate in shaping their own professional everyday life. They gain new freedom in decision-making and delegation matters.

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