Who uses samedi®?


More time for your patients through efficient organisation

samedi® is the modern Internet solution for cost-saving and service-enhancing coordination and communication between doctor’s offices and patients. Your internal workflow can be rearranged to be more effective and efficient. The time you save on administrative tasks can be spent on your patients from now on.

samedi® Patient management

Patient Management

Online appointment booking without delay, even via iPhone, relieves your assistant and provides increased service to your patients.


samedi® organisation


Efficient room and equipment planning - using the calendar or list view - optimises capacity utilization and workflows even with cooperative doctor’s offices.


samedi® Patient Coordination

Patient Coordination

Make and receive paperless online referrals, without a phone or fax loop.



Save time, improve quality and efficiency

With samedi® you can optimise the process control in your hospital using modern Web 2.0 technology. Resource planning, scheduling, appointment booking and referrers are handled by an innovative Internet plattform and are centrally managed in one calendar – while ensuring maximum data security.

samedi® Resource Planning

Resource planning

Through the medical collaboration solution samedi®, a more efficient management of HR, rooms and equipment in hospitals and surgical centers can be implemented across all sectors - seamlessly and according to the highest data safety requirements.


samedi® Referrals


With samedi® you can establish your own specific individual network of referring doctors and define - with the help of dedicated rules - who is allowed to book a certain treatment or resource at a given time in your hospital.


samedi® Patient Service

Patient Service

Set high-class standards in patient service – 24/7 online appointment booking, automated appointment reminders via text message as well as treatment-related questionnaires and information at the right time by samedi®-mail.


Managed Care

Optimised communication

samedi® is a web-based medial collaboration solution that is also used in practices, doctors networks, surgical centers and clinics in the context of patient coordination. If desired, doctors and hospitals can also integrate health insurance companies in the communication process using samedi®. The time-consuming paper-based forms can be discarded thanks to the online form management in samedi®. A paperless communication is achieved and a centralized treatment planning across different providers and locations is possible.

samedi® Patient Online Bookings

Patient Online Bookings

Service providers can facilitate the process of patient scheduling for health insurance companies using samedi® and enable online appointment making 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


samedi® Patient Service

Patient Service

Patients can search doctors and arrange appointments online via iPhone.



Online appointments and healthcare service at any time

samedi® is a health portal that connects patients, doctors and therapists. Patients can find suitable doctors in a simple and safe way and book an appointment online at any time – totally free of charge. The days of the waiting loop are over.

samedi® Online Appointment Booking

Online Appointment Booking

Thanks to the samedi®-appointment booking system, you can now arrange appointments online, regardless of practice opening hours.

samedi® Doctor Search

Doctor Search

Find doctors, dentists, healers and therapists you trust with the samedi® doctor-search.

samedi® on Smartphones

samedi® iPhone App

With the samedi® iPhone app you can now search for a doctor and book a binding appointment - anytime, anywhere.

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samedi® optimized for your needs

Optimized for your needs

  • Calendar
  • Ressource planning
  • Surgical planning
  • IV-billing
  • Physician network
  • Call Center Solution
  • Patient CRM

samedi® maximum safety

Maximum safety

  • KBV certified
  • Statement of Compliance
  • Europe's patent-pending encryption architecture
  • Certificate of registration

samedi® is webbased

samedi® is web-based

samedi® Is an online solution solely based on the internet that needs no additional installation of hardware:

  • Online for 8 years
  • Suitable for Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Compatible with all practice systems
  • Weekly updates

samedi® value added calculator

Please select the type of your institution, enter the size and the number of (outpatients) patients/cases per month, and the samedi® value added generator will calculate for you the annual value creation potential based on our experience.

Calculatory costumer benefit in Euros* by using the samedi® technology


*The added value is calculated based on the assumptions and experiences of the samedi GmbH which vary from institution to institution. The calculations of the individual cost and revenue boosters can be presented and explained in detail by samedi®. There is no legal claim to the values and calculations by the samedi GmbH.

The samedi® web-technology offers you:

  • Optimization of processes (Business process re-engineering) based on the samedi® tool for the planning of resources
  • Referring physicians network: „Supply chain management” in the health sector (physicians, clinics, payers) via processes, appointments and documents
  • Service for patients, marketing compliance, recalls via online accounts, SMS reminders, safe mails, iPhone App

With simultaneous control of costs:

  • No IT costs in site
  • No software installation
  • No additional hardware (servers, VPN, etc.)
  • No additional costs for maintenance, care, hosting, certificates
  • An average of 33% in costs savings from the software-on-demand to the installed software (source: Handelsblatt, March 2, 2010)

What our customers say...

samedi® support for clients

We use samedi® in our clinic primarily for the internal management of practice processes of five different internists in a large group practice as well asfor the exchange between colleagues. Since then we have had less administrative effort and can work more efficiently and from this our patients benefit primarily. In addition, our patients can book appointments online, which is very well received.

Dr. Daniel Wiens | St. Hedwig Krankenhaus, Berlin

samedi® support for clients

Our patients are pleased with the service of being reminded of appointments by samedi® or obtaining useful information on the upcoming treatment by email. Referrering doctors also benefit from samedi®, because the system offers the possibility of time-saving, paperless appointment booking via the Internet. Because of that our assistance spends less time on the telephone and fax machine.

Dr. Gregor C. Ley | KIZ – Kardiologie im Zentrum, München

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