samedi® value added calculator

Please select the type of your institution, enter the size and the number of (outpatients) patients/cases per month, and the samedi® value added generator will calculate for you the annual value creation potential based on our experience.

Calculatory costumer benefit in Euros* by using the samedi® technology


*The added value is calculated based on the assumptions and experiences of the samedi GmbH which vary from institution to institution. The calculations of the individual cost and revenue boosters can be presented and explained in detail by samedi®. There is no legal claim to the values and calculations by the samedi GmbH.

The samedi® web-technology offers you:

  • Optimization of processes (Business process re-engineering) based on the samedi® tool for the planning of resources
  • Referring physicians network: „Supply chain management” in the health sector (physicians, clinics, payers) via processes, appointments and documents
  • Service for patients, marketing compliance, recalls via online accounts, SMS reminders, safe mails, iPhone App

With simultaneous control of costs:

  • No IT costs in site
  • No software installation
  • No additional hardware (servers, VPN, etc.)
  • No additional costs for maintenance, care, hosting, certificates
  • An average of 33% in costs savings from the software-on-demand to the installed software (source: Handelsblatt, March 2, 2010)

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