What is samedi? What are my advantages?

samedi allows you to book appointments at your doctor online. Herefor you need a personal patient account including:

  • Appointment overview and contact to your doctor's office or clinic
  • Appointment management (cancel, postpone or edit online booked appointments online)
  • Subaccounts for all family members
  • Access to your personal health record for emergency-, medical- and permanent data

You can conveniently arrange your doctor's appointments at any time from home or on the go. You are not only asked for your desired date, but you can also book it with few clicks. In your account, you will always find an overview of all appointments and may also postpone or cancel them. Automatic appointment confirmations or reminders via e-mail can be activated and a secure exchange of information with your respective doctor is possible.

How does samedi work?

To start, please sign up for samedi with a free patient account. Then you can use the samedi search to find a doctor (according to a specialty or location) and book appointments. Many practices have also included the appointment booking option on their website and you can log in there with your patient account.

I did not receive an activation code for my account

Maybe the activation e-mail got stuck inside the spam folder of your mailing program. If not, you can also request a new activation code. If there are still problems, you can also send an e-mail to patient-support@samedi.de, we are happy to help.

Why do I have to name my health insurance?

In some cases, doctors offer health insurance-specific appointments. To make the booking possible, you may have to provide your health insurance.

How do I find a doctor or free appointment slots?

Using the samedi doctor search you can search for doctors filtering by their location or specialization and then book an appointment. In many practices, the booking option is also integrated directly on their website.

Where can I view my booked appointments?

Log in to your patient account at patient.samedi.de. On the home screen you can directly see your next appointments. If you click on "My Appointments" you get a full overview of all your upcoming and past appointments.

I cannot find my doctor. Why not?

Your doctor probably doesn’t use samedi yet. Just tell your doctor the advantages of the samedi online appointment booking option at your next appointment. Maybe then you can soon arrange your following appointments online.

How does the procedure of booking an appointment online look like?

After you found your desired practice or your doctor and you logged in to your patients account, you will be guided through the booking process in 4 steps.

  1. Select the doctor or department (category)
  2. Select the desired treatment (appointment type)
  3. Select the desired date and one of the suggested times
  4. Check your details and complete the booking

Is my booking generally binding?

Within the last step of booking an appointment by clicking the 'Confirm' button you book a binding appointment at your doctor. It leads to a medical billing. The appointment is thus firmly booked. In most cases you will receive an appointment confirmation by e-mail and / or SMS from the institution.

Why do I have to actively agree to a data transfer when booking an appointment?

The active data transfer gives your doctor the possibility to contact you as a patient and ensures a binding booking of your appointment. While booking following data will be sent to the medical facility:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
  • Phone numbers
  • Address data
  • Insurance data

How do I cancel an appointment? / How do I postpone an appointment?

If this option has been activated by your doctor, you can cancel and postpone appointments at any time with your personal user account. Go to the overview "My appointments". By clicking on the trashcan icon you can cancel an appointment, by clicking on the arrow symbol you can postpone an appointment. If these icons are not visible this means that the option does not exist. In this case please call the doctor’s office for postponing or canceling your appointments. The medical institution also specifies how long in advance patients may postpone or cancel their appointments on their own.

How long can I book an appointment in advance?

You can book your appointments in advance. The medical institution decides individually how long in advance appointments can be booked. This timeframe may vary depending on the medical facility.

I urgently need an appointment, but none is available. What do I do?

In this case, please call the medical institution. Surely your practice will help you and offer you an appointment at short notice.

I can only book a single appointment. Why?

Your practice may only allow a limited number of online appointment bookings. If you need an additional appointment please call the office to arrange an appointment.

Why can’t the samedi-team book, postpone or cancel my appointments?

Because of our high data security standards samedi employees have no access to your data neither to your account nor to your medical appointments. Please contact your practice or clinic.

What is the samedi health record?

Access to your health record is password protected to secure all your sensitive health information. You have the option to share your data with selected doctors you trust. This decision is made by yourself. You can undo the approval at any time and the doctor will no longer have any insight into the data of your samedi health record.

How does the so called “trust list” work?

The trust list contains all the doctors you have given permission to view the data inside your personal health record. It is always possible to withdraw the permission for any doctors in the list. Your data is stored safely and only you decide who is allowed to get insight.

Can I be informed or reminded about my appointments?

When booking an appointment via samedi, most institutions send an appointment confirmation and/or an appointment reminder to you by e-mail or SMS. You can decide for yourself if and how you would like to be contacted by the practice regarding your appointments. Go to "Settings" in your patient account and then to "Notifications". Here you can decide if and how these notifications can be made.

What happens if I forget my password?

If your registration process failed due to an incorrect password, click on "Forgot your password?" next to the "Login" button and follow the instructions. First, enter your e-mail address with which you originally registered. You will receive an e-mail for password reset. Click on the link inside the e-mail or enter the code manually. Then define another password and finish the process by re-entering this password.

What do I need the message function for?

With the samedi message function, you can confidently communicate with your doctors without having to pick up the phone. Unlike regular mail communication, samedi enables secure, SSL-encrypted data exchange.

What is a family account and how is it managed?

You can create additional family members directly in your patient account and book appointments for them online. When booking, you must always pay attention to which member is displayed in the top right. To create a new family member, click on the arrow next to your username (top right) and select "Create new member". You can switch between the profiles at any time.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, go to "Settings" and then go to "Delete". With a click on "delete samedi account" your account will be deleted and thus all contained data including all sub-accounts (family members). Attention: Your account can not be restored afterwards!

Are there any costs for me as a patient?

No, samedi is completely free for patients and is offered as a service by your doctors.

Can I use samedi in all browsers and on all devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)?

Yes, you can use the appointment booking and your personal samedi patient account at patient.samedi.de anytime via all common web browsers and regardless of the end device used.

Moreover, if you want to access the samedi appointment booking directly from the home screen of your smartphone - similar to an app - you can create a respective shortcut.

To do so, open a browser and go to the mobile-optimized website patient patient.samedi.de. From the browser menu (1) then, click the "To Home Screen" (iOS) or "Add to Home Screen" (Android) option (2). A new settings window will open afterwards and the button "Add" (3) is creating a samedi icon on your home screen (4). By clicking on the icon, you can immediately access your samedi patient account at any time.