samedi® for physicians and dentists

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samedi® for physicians and dentists

  • Online appointment booking for patients and referring physicians to increase the number of cases and to save time through less telephone, fax and mail
  • Allocation of resources / surgery planning to increase the effectivity in the use of capacities and reduce the administrative charge
  • CRM-Network for connection for referring physicians and external doctors to establish an inter-institutional optimization of processes
  • Highest data security and only system in this area to be certified by the German association of insurers
  • Internationality: the platform is available in six languages and the patient’s website in 13 languages.

samedi® is fully web-based and works without the installation of additional hardware or software and can be connected to the existing systems in clinics through the HL7/-Gateway.

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samedi® for physicians and dentists

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The samedi® web-technology offers you:

samedi® Optimization of processes

Optimization of processes

samedi® Interconnection of referring physicians

Interconnection of referring physicians

samedi® Service for patience, marketing

Service for patience, marketing

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What our customers say

samedi® What our customers say samedi® What our customers say

We use samedi® in our clinic primarily for the internal management of practice processes of five different internists in a large group practice as well asfor the exchange between colleagues. Since then we have had less administrative effort and can work more efficiently and from this our patients benefit primarily. In addition, our patients can book appointments online, which is very well received.

Dr. Daniel Wiens | St. Hedwig Hospital, Berlin

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