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Relieve your reception and offer your patients more flexibility with the individually designable samedi online patient forms.

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Your advantages

Time saving and less paperwork

Less administrative work for your institution and no more time-consuming completion of paper forms at registration.

Reduced risk of infection

The patient forms are provided digitally in advance and, in combination with the mobile self-check-in, enable contactless registration.

Patient Service

Offer your patients more flexibility in filling out treatment-relevant documents - when and where it suits your patients best.

Individually designable and controllable

Create individual patient forms and use pre-defined logic to ensure that each patient is only asked the questions that are relevant to them.

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Diverse application scenarios

Thanks to individually configurable online forms, patients can fill in the necessary documents, such as the medical history form, in advance at home or on the road and send it securely to the doctor digitally. This means less work for registration and more flexibility for the patient.

Admission/Anamnesis Sheet:

Questions about medication etc. can be filled in at home before departure. This leads to more complete and precise information.

Information sheet:

For the preparation, support and digital documentation of the consultation before e.g. an operation.

Privacy policy:

The written consent according to data protection regulations (such as the cooperation of external service providers) is a well-known issue and can be solved easily and safely by an online confirmation.

Appointment specific forms:

For optimal preparation, send your patients appointment type-specific queries and receive the completed form securely online.

Quality Assurance Survey and Patient Feedback:

Conduct patient surveys and PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) for quality assurance easily online.

samedi patientenformulare

This is how the samedi patient form system works

Select form template or design it yourself.
The correct form is automatically sent with the appointment booking.
The patient fills in the form online and sends it back digitally signed
Receive document digitally, check and add it to the patient's file.

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