samedi as E-Health-Software

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More time for your patients through efficient sequence control

Time and cost savings

samedi is an innovative software solution for cost-saving and service-increasing patient coordination across all areas of the health care system. The comprehensive networking solution can be used in medical practices, physician networks, clinics and surgical centers regardless of size and specialty. In addition, insurance companies and health insurance funds can also be integrated into the coordination process.

Simplified communication processes

With samedi you optimize the work processes in your medical facility through effective and efficient resource planning, process control, online appointment booking and allocation. All processes are recorded and managed centrally in a calendar - naturally guaranteeing the highest data security (DSGVO-compliant).

Video Consultation & Patient Service

The video consultation hour with samedi enables you to conduct appointments between you and your patients that are not bound to a specific location. This eliminates unnecessary travel and waiting times. The video consultation is therefore an ideal addition to medical therapy, especially for chronically ill patients or patients with limited mobility.

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samedi calendar samedi calendar samedi book appointment

Scheduling & organization

Central calendar

The powerful samedi calendar enables the central administration of all appointments and resources. According to your individual requirements, individual rooms, employees and devices can be booked within one appointment type - even time-shifted. With the call center view, you can also centrally control the allocation of appointments across locations and networks.

List view

Comprehensive appointment and patient lists give you a quick overview of waiting and treatment times. All tasks can be documented and ticked off in the to-do list.

samedi statistics

samedi statistics

Appointment chains

Neben einzelnen Terminen lassen sich auch aufeinanderfolgende Behandlungen in Terminketten oder Gruppentermine planen – inklusive relevanter Buchungsregelungen wie zeitlicher Mindestabstand zwischen den Terminen. Selbstverständlich können Sie diese auch zur Online-Buchung freigeben.


Using the samedi Business Intelligence function, user-defined statistics and visualization of appointment and resource data can be output. With the so-called audit trail, user actions in the account can be traced with regard to appointment allocation.

Reporting Client

With the Reporting Client you create automated statistics and evaluations from appointment lists or form lists for controlling. As an independent program, the data can be generated quickly and easily without calling up the samedi platform.

samedi statistics

Marketing & patient service

Online appointment system

With the online appointment system, your institution can be reached around the clock. This means that patients can book appointments conveniently online, regardless of whether they can be reached by telephone or not. A video consultation between doctor and patient is also possible. This service also leads to an increase in patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Secure message dispatch

The patient contact system enables secure communication with your patients. In addition to automatic appointment notifications by e-mail or SMS, you can also send treatment-specific information in the form of text and video files.

Digital patient file

The patient file is used for the secure documentation and archiving of patient data, which other doctors and network partners can also view and continue after the patient's consent. Access is based on the online patient account, which allows patients to manage their appointments, send and receive messages and manage their patient files.

Network & referring

Treatment network

Invite colleagues to your personal network and share appointments and resources for online booking. Exclusive sharing for individual members of your network is also possible.

Refer patients

With the help of paperless online referral, you refer patients to a specialist or clinic and transmit treatment-relevant information securely and digitally.

Digital forms

The networked forms system enables you to design, assign cases, release and check forms for up to 10 service providers/partners. They can fill out the form conveniently online.

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Integration & extras

System advantages

As a completely web-based solution samedi works without installation of additional hardware or software. Due to the individual modular structure of the platform, the functional range can be extended by third-party software according to the requirements profile.

Interfaces to PVS/KIS

For optimal integration into your existing IT landscape samedi offers interfaces to more than 40 practice management systems. Clinic information systems can also be connected to samedi via an HL7 gateway. For connection and adaptation to in-house HL7-/XML standards an additional development adaptation is offered as a service.

Data API

A Data API simplifies data communication and reporting between your medical facility and patients. This means that doctor's letters can be securely transferred to the patient file with just one click.

samedi hl7 gateway samedi hl7 gateway