Patient management

Tour durch samedi® Patientenmanagement

Easy online appointment booking

The heart of samedi® is an appointment booking system through which patients can arrange online appointments. Long waits in the phone loop become redundant and the burden on your telephone assistance is reduced. Of course, your workload is not visible externally. And only you decide who can book your resources.

Tour durch samedi® Patientenmanagement

Automatic messaging system

Easily remind your patients of their appointment by automated text message or e-mail. This is a customer-friendly service that reduces your financial loss at the same time. samedi can also remind your patients of upcoming check-ups or follow-up visits and inform about individual health services. You can also attach forms such as medical questionnaires to the e-mail. Thus, the patient is better prepared for your consultation, so you can quickly get to the root of the problem.

Tour durch samedi® Patientenmanagement

iPhone app – always up-to-date

Your patients can also book appointments with their iPhone. With this feature you are offering the latest technology to your patients. For you the entire practice schedule is available on the iPhone.

Tour durch samedi® Patientenmanagement

Convenient doctor search for patients

With the samedi® doctor search, patients can find a suitable doctor in their area and book an appointment online immediately. This allows you to attract new patients.

Tour durch samedi® Patientenmanagement

Interfaces to the Doctor Information System

The samedi® package comfort-practice includes a standardised interface connection for data exchange between the web applicationsamedi and your Doctor Information System. The interface allows the transfer of the patient master data. In Medatixx products and Turbomed it’salso possible toopen the medical recorddirectlyout of samedi®.