Tour durch samedi® Patientenmanagement

One calendar for everything

All appointment bookings, both internally and externally, are combined in one calendar to coordinate everything. You must no longer consider any faxes or block times - the system knows exactly how long a treatment takes and which resources in your practice are needed. It arranges the appointments intelligently so that idle time is reduced throughout the day.


Efficient room and equipment planning

With samedi® the internal resource planning at your doctor’s officecan be run more efficiently and effectively. You will benefit the mostif you run a group practice with several doctors, or are organised in a network of practices. samedi® allows the accurate coordination of all doctors, equipment and rooms needed for an appointment - even across locations. This way you canavoid double bookings or idle time between appointments.


Completely online

As a fully web-based solution samedi® works without installing any additional hardware or software. Your current management system is maintained because samedi® can be connected easily to all major systems (such as Medistar, TurboMed, MCS Isynet, DOCconcept, etc.). samedi® provides advanced functionality that allows you to fullycontrol your workflow and resource planning, thereby saving time and budget.