Resource planning


Efficient room and equipment planning

samedi® offers your clinic a more efficient and comprehensive resource planning system. Through a complex set of rules all participating care providers, rooms and devices are reserved, exactly for the time they actively take part in the treatment. Idle time is reduced effectively increasing utilization of available resources.


Optimized surgery-planning

A specific surgery-management-tool allows a smooth scheduling of surgeries using only few clicks. A direct connection to external partners (e.g. outpatient surgeons or general practitioners) allows an optimized utilization of your operating rooms.


Monitoring and control of utilization

The colour-coded monthly statement enables you to oversee the utilization of resources (e.g. devices, beds, rooms) at any time and to identify areas, where bottlenecks or backlogs of resources exist. The mouse-over-function shows you the percentage utilization status per day.



The user interface of samedi® allows an adjustment of the design to the previously used calendar ensuring a smooth transfer and a short training period. The modular setup of the platform enables third-party-software-suppliers to extend the range of functions depending on the set of requirements (e.g. eFA FallAkte plus,® Labor).


Up-to-date at any time

Full control of all your appointments – keep your updated duty roster with your iPhone & Android-Smartphone in your pocket.


Quality management

The waiting room list offers you the complete overview of current waiting times and effective treatment length of your patients – nothing stands in way of a comprehensive quality management.


HL-7 interface/gateway

The samedi® products comfort-clinic and comfort-hospital include a standardised interface connection (HL7 and JSON) for data-exchange between the samedi®-web-application and external programs. The synchronisation of samedi® works along the data field of patients, appointments, resources and treatments. In addition, we offer a development-adaption to connect and customize in-house HL7-/XML-standards as a service. Hereby the samedi® HL7 gateway is a java-server, which operates internally in the clinic-IT and creates an interface to the local information system (e.g. KIS, RIS or any other system generating and handling HL7-messages). The HL7 gateway handles messages with a HL7-specified Minimal Lower-Layer Protocol (MLLP) and transfers the messages in actions of the samedi® tool.

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