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We founded samedi GmbH in 2008 and set ourselves the goal of solving communication problems beyond the boundaries of the individual medical practice wall and clinic wall for the benefit of the patient.

Mission Statement and Values







As a software solution (SaaS*), we enable joint and future-oriented treatment process planning and patient coordination for all those involved in the healthcare system.

Our mission

Our mission with samedi is to support the relationship between doctors and patients through digital services in order to make treatment coordination in the health care system easy, safe and efficient between all parties involved.

Our vision

Our vision is to establish samedi as the leading e-health provider for dynamic, comprehensive health management and to enable highly secure and efficient collaboration in the health care system.

History of founders

samedi Katrin Keller

Katrin Keller, Managing director

samedi Alexander Alscher

Prof. Dr. Alexander Alscher, Managing director

Driven by a personal health experience and the complex and difficult coordination of coordinated medical appointments, we came up with the idea in 2008 to make appointment management in the healthcare system more patient-friendly. It all began with the idea of establishing online appointment booking - similar to other industries - for doctors as well.

"I book my hotels online, my train or plane ticket and reserve my restaurant table online - so why not my doctor's appointment as well?"

We founded samedi GmbH from this simple approach in 2008. However, we quickly noticed that arranging a doctor's appointment is far more complex than reserving a restaurant table online. The most diverse information and factors play a role here and must be considered - starting with previous illnesses of the patient, the different resources of the doctor's practice, the different services from health insurance fund to health insurance fund, to the referral of the patient to a specialist colleague.

There was still the wish to simplify or structure the appointment booking in the health sector and to establish the patient service - above all the online appointment booking with the doctor. Due to the complexity of the appointment management, the samedi resource flow control was gradually created, which breaks through the walls of the practice and clinic and optimizes workflows and makes them more efficient through the function of online scheduling of patients and referring physicians. The e-health web software solution samedi networks medical information, makes it available at all treatment-relevant locations and thus ultimately improves the quality of care for patients. And all this driven by the processes and resources of each individual institution, whether practice, clinic or network.

We are pleased to be able to play a decisive role in shaping the future of the health care system day after day together with our great team of over 70 employees. We also receive active support from our office dogs and at the Monday breakfast we always start the new week motivated - in order to improve the digital health world for doctors and patients again.



Introduction of certified video consultation

& Top 10 in "Patient Engagement Award"

top 10 patient engagement solution providers in europe 2019


10th anniversary with more than 50 employees

& Winner M&K Award

samedi m&k award 2018


Tender won Vivantes and DRG

& strategic partnership with Meierhofer AG


Rehab bed portal: over 50 clinics


Winner E-Health Award

samedi Innovationspreis-IT 2015


Platform in 13 languages for patients and in 7 languages for doctors, clinics and service providers


„Best Practice – Intelligent networking of all players in the healthcare sector“

samedi Vorzeigeprojekt intelligente Netze 2013


samedi officially certified by KBV as an appointment booking application for KV Safenet

samedi kbv kv safenet


Managed Care & Integrated care (IV) with networking with all German health insurance funds


samedi at the first health insurance companies & doctor networks in use

& Networked forms management as a new service offer


samedi used in first clinics like the UK Tübingen & the Vulpius Klinik

& Winner of the idea park of the FT

samedi winner financial times


foundation of samedi GmbH,

Labelled as „One of the 30 hottest startups worldwide“

samedi leweb hottest startup worldwide

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The samedi video consultation meets the highest security standards. To achieve this, we use highly secure encryption technology. And of course everything is certified for data protection.
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Certified Data Security
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Certified Data Security
top 10 patient engagement solution providers in europe 2019
Healthcare Tech Outlook
Top 10 Patient Engagement
M&K Award - Winner 2018
Management & Clinic Award
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