About samedi

Prof. Dr. Alexander Alscher und Katrin KellerProf. Dr. Alexander Alscher und Katrin Keller

The samedi GmbH offers an interdisciplinary, web-based software for collaboration of healthcare providers. It is based on a common workflow scheduling and patient coordination fulfilling the highest security requirements. Hospitals, clinics and other medical providers can use the online platform www.samedi.de to manage their workflows and resource planning without any additional hardware and by that achieve an optimized utilisation. The integrated online booking system offers the possibility to book appointments via internet and without making any telephone calls.

The relationship between doctor and patient becomes easier, more cost-effective, more time-saving and more service-oriented at the same time. The administrative efford is reduced andon the other hand the patient caregets optimised.Hereby samedi supports doctors and hospitals to fulfiltheir requirements concerning quality management. The system is financedwithout advertising, by a monthly subscription of the customers. samedi is a completely independent, privately funded provider of technological services.

The samedi software has been used successfully in clinics and hospitals throughout Germany since 2008. The product has been developed during a period of two years and in close collaboration with various specialists and IT professionals and was especially designed for the healthcare sector.

The samedi GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2008 and has won several awards since then. E.g. the company was designated as one of the world's "hottest" 30 internet startups by Europe's largest internet conference "LeWeb" in 2008. In March 2009 samedi was declared one of the winners of the contest "Ideenpark Gesundheitswirtschaft" by the Financial Times. samediis regularly present at exhibitions, for example as one of the official partners of the KBVMesse - supply innovations 2010.

— Prof. Dr. Alexander Alscher & Katrin Keller