Individual process focus

samedi offers you individual implementation for your success.

Customizable applications according to your needs

samedi can be modified according to your individual needs and circumstances of the respective institution and easily adapts to your existing structures and processes. We do not offer standard solutions. The modular structure of the software, consisting of 60 different modules, enables us to configure the application area to suit your personal needs. From the categories patient service, internal organization, network coordination, client and gateways, integration and technologies, mobile applications as well as external modules, we put together the solution that best suits your use case and functional scope. Thus samedi can be used for all institution sizes, specializations, and different processes.

samedi calender workflow

Advantages for your success

Optimized processes based on your processes

The flexible multi-resource planning of samedi effortlessly maps your individual practice or clinic processes with regard to appointment types, appointment chains and their length and availability. Your processes form the basis for smooth planning and execution of appointments.

Personal advice for your perfect setup

For an optimal use of samedi we discuss your current workflows, systems and processes in detail with you and develop an individual solution for process optimization based on this. Working smoothly with samedi from the beginning, we take over the entire setup of the software according to your needs and train your employees how to use it. Our excellent support team will also be happy to help you with any other concerns you may have.

Full control over your appointment bookings

You benefit from a complex set of rules for internal and external bookings. Because only you can flexibly determine which appointments may be booked by whom and when in your practice or clinic. Among other things, you can assign referral-specific booking rights or enable your patients to book certain appointments securely online.

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