samedi Video consultation

Additional income, location-independent patient care and more flexibility in everyday working life - you will find everything from one source at samedi.

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Location-independent service

Video consultation enables you to make appointments between you and your patients at any location. Unnecessary travelling and waiting times are eliminated.

Attractive promotion

The video consultation is funded by the KBV with 500€ per doctor and quarter (from 1.10.19).

Highly secure networking

Thanks to highly secure encryption technology, the video consultation meets the highest security standards and is data protection certified.

Patient service & Marketing

Video consultation offers you, your team as well as your patients the greatest possible flexibility in scheduling appointments and further increases your online presence.

Highest data protection

The samedi video consultation meets the highest safety standards. To achieve this, we use highly secure encryption technology.

And of course, everything is privacy certified.
Die samedi Videosprechstunde entspricht den höchsten Sicherheitsstandards. Um das zu erreichen, greifen wir auf hochsichere Verschlüsselungstechnologie zurück. Und natürlich ist alles datenschutzzertifiziert.