Dev Ops Engineer (m/w)

We are looking to expand our team with an experienced DevOps engineer who will help us ensure that we meet our customers (hospitals, clinics, health insurance organizations) high availability and reliability demands.

As an integral part of our development team, we will work together to improve all aspects of our SaaS platform: deployment processes, reliability, availability, performance, tooling, developer/team happiness, and security (due to the nature of our business we take security very seriously, ensuring that all sensitive information is never leaving the client-side unencrypted).

Your Day-to-Day Work

  • Ensuring that our infrastructure and services are up and running.
  • Improve our high-availability setup so that nothing we can foresee can take us down (no single points of failure).
  • When something that we didn't foresee takes us down, respond fast and address it in a way that will prevent it from happening again. Each failure should make us stronger
  • Perfect our monitoring so that we are the first to know if anything goes wrong.
  • Test our high availability in a controlled environment and mock emergency situations so that we are prepared for real incidents.
  • Make the whole development team happier by working together on better tooling, improved performance, metrics visibility and insights, etc.

Your Profile

  • Significant experience on managing Linux systems (we use Ubuntu on bare metal servers)
  • Infrastructure as a code (we are using chef).
  • Experience with deploying and monitoring large scale web applications (we use Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL mainly, but here and there you can find Go, Redis, Elasticsearch, NodeJS, and others).
  • Feel confident that our services will be available and operational under foreseeable conditions, so you don't need to worry during the night or your vacations.

It's definitely OK if you haven't worked with every single technology we use, as long as you are willing to learn and grow with us. One thing we really care about is that you are empathetic, willing to share, teach, and learn from your colleagues, and open to new opinions and perspectives.

The Team

We are a small but very diverse team. We are not looking to expand or hire aggressively as we prefer to give new employees the time to become an organic part of our team.

The Company

samedi GmbH is an innovative company located in the heart of Berlin. We offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to form a network of partners in the health care sector, with a strong focus on information security (client-side encryption).

samedi® supports the coordination between doctors, patients and insurance companies, and offers a wide range of possibilities to improve the collaboration of everyone involved in the health sector. This includes, for example, online case management and online appointment booking for patients. Our product is already being used by tens of thousands of doctors and medical professionals for over seven million patients. Join us and be a part of an internationally awarded product (from LeWeb, Financial Times, German Government) and a small but creative and fun international team.

The Challenge

Please download the challenge, complete it and submit it with your application.

The DevOps Challenge

If you are interested in joining samedi® and meet our requirements, we would be delighted to receive your application documents with an indication of the earliest possible date and your salary presentation by e-mail to

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